Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I am not offering in-person bodywork at this time.

Reiki (ray-key) is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.


***Due to the pandemic, I offer distant Reiki sessions, which happen over Zoom or FaceTime.***

Reiki is a type of energy work that involves moving ki (chi) or energy through the body. As humans, we are made of various types of energy and the role of the Reiki practitioner is to help stagnant or blocked energy move through the body again. Sometimes blocked energy manifests as a sore shoulder or a stomachache, other times it can present itself as a headache or anxiety. I’ve worked on many different people from children to elders and I’ve found that symptoms shift and change during a Reiki session, which is generally a good sign; any energy movement means that something is shifting out of an old pattern. 

During your session, there is very little touch, making it very different from getting a massage or any other type of bodywork. Clients have reported feeling various sensations during their treatments, such as warm, cool or tingly vibrations. Some don’t seem to feel much during the treatment, but leave feeling grounded and calm. Everyone’s Reiki experience is completely different, every time, and if you’ve experienced Reiki before, you know that each practitioner has a different energy. If you would like more information about Reiki and its history, check out the International Center for Reiki Training

I am currently a Karuna Reiki Master certified in Usui Holy Fire 3 Reiki, and have taken my courses through the Minnesota Reiki Center for Healing and Training. I offer Reiki for the whole family, from pets and children to adults and elders; check out my Pricing page for more information. 

CranioSacral Therapy

***Due to the pandemic, I offer distant Reiki sessions, which I can blend with CranioSacral energy and knowledge. These sessions happen over Zoom or FaceTime.***

CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle hands-on technique that helps the cerebral spinal fluid move from the head to the sacrum. As a CranioSacral Therapist, I am trained to use my hands to listen to the body and allow the body to move or release energy that is stuck. Depending on your symptoms or diagnoses, I might unwind some of your joints, work on your mouth/jaw or focus primarily on your head. Much like a Reiki session, each CranioSacral session is completely different each time. I’ve found that clients who come in regularly, though, are able to heal faster and work through more body-based trauma in a shorter amount of time.

Some of the clients I have seen have felt significant improvement with anxiety, depression, body aches and pains, insomnia, nausea, headaches and migraines, and jaw pain after a CranioSacral session. As with Reiki, I offer CranioSacral Therapy as a service to the entire family, from babies to elders. In fact, CranioSacral can be incredibly beneficial to babies with a poor latch, birth trauma, colic, illness or injury. 

If you are interested in learning more about my particular school of CranioSacral Therapy (based on the Upledger School), check out the Heartwood Institute of Integrative Medicine.

Somatic Experiencing

***All sessions are currently being held via Zoom or FaceTime.***

Somatic comes from the Greek word, soma, which simply means body. When you have a Somatic Experiencing session, you are essentially focusing on sensations and experiences in the body and letting go of any meaning or judgement that may arise from your thoughts. If you are uncertain about SE, your sessions can be relatively short (15-20 minutes) and can be used as a tool to get you familiar with Somatic terminology and your own body. 

Even if the sessions are brief, a lot of movement and awareness can occur, which may result in the reduction of current symptoms such as pain, headache, anxiety or depression. Many of my clients have felt a little more sensitive and emotional the day after an SE session, but have also slept better and felt more grounded, capable and confident for days to even weeks afterwards. Since we are focusing on the body itself and sensations or movements, there is no pressure to talk or process anything that comes up during an SE session, which can be incredibly helpful for various types of complex trauma. 

I am currently entering my third, and final, year of Somatic Experiencing training through the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, created by Dr. Peter Levine. Here is a link to my profile on the Trauma Healing website. 

What to Expect

When you come for your bodywork appointment, please arrive in comfortable clothes that allow free movement of your body. You can remove your shoes once you are in the office and there will be pillows and blankets available to keep you warm and comfortable. Expect to be lying face up on a massage table for the majority of the session, though you might be asked to turn onto your stomach for the last portion of the treatment (depending on your current symptoms).

As part of my practice of honoring the body and its inherent wisdom, I generally offer three types of bodywork to a joint (shoulder, knee, wrist or ankle) and allow the client to determine which kind of bodywork is best for them on that particular day. For example, I can use Reiki energy, CranioSacral energy or a combination of the two during any of my sessions. Generally one of the options will stand out immediately, and sometimes the body wants something different from the mind. For this reason, I charge the same amount for all bodywork, whether you choose CranioSacral, Reiki or a combination. You can also schedule a two hour long “Healing Intensive,” which combines Holistic Nutrition, Somatic Experiencing and bodywork. See my Pricing page for the current rates for each service.

If you’d like to start receiving bodywork or want to set up an off-site visit for your family member or pet, please fill out these forms:

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If you would like to give the gift of Reiki or CranioSacral Therapy, please email me or fill out this form and I can create a gift certificate for your friend or family member. 

DISCLAIMER: Rocksteady Life is a consulting business whose goal is to help you through transitions in your life, which might include Reiki, CranioSacral therapy, Somatic Experiencing and a change in diet and exercise. While natural supplements might be suggested in a session, I’m not a licensed physician, dietician or therapist.  The statements made here have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and the information on this site is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Always check with your doctor and/or therapist before making dramatic shifts in your diet and lifestyle.