A little about me

Hey y’all! My name is Sally (they/them) and I am located in St. Paul, Minnesota, offering support to folx who find themselves navigating various transitions and life situations. I call myself a Life Doula – a title I coined when I started Rocksteady Life in September 2018. I have an MA in English: Publishing & Print Culture, which drives my passion for researching, teaching and learning. I specialize in helping clients identify memory patterns in their bodies by weaving together Craniosacral therapy, Biofield Tuning, Ancestral healing & Animism, Astrology/Tarot/Human Design, Reiki, Death Doula/Grief/Loss work, Somatic Experiencing, Mindfulness and Holistic Nutrition. My business operates on a sliding scale and I offer in-person, virtual or outdoor sessions. I love working with any age of human, from young kids to elders, and will also work with your companion animals.

I am passionate about:
– holding space for queer identities
– dismantling internalized systems of oppression
– using time travel to explore patterns of behavior and unconscious habits
– investigating the ways in which our energy bodies are informed by our surroundings
– shapeshifting our internal monologue
– rekindling desire, sensuality, sexuality and creativity
– noticing energies around us and defining what is “ours” and what is “not ours”
– reconnecting with healthy boundaries
– understanding that energy signatures change
– creating new possibilities of self by pulling at the threads of our storylines
– bridging the physical with the metaphysical/spiritual
– inviting ancestral support to integrate intergenerational wounds
– leaning into webs of collective support
– rediscovering our identities/seed selves as a path to autonomy
– singing and toning to reconnect with our authentic voice
– exploring the mystical, magical and witchy
– incorporating cellular energetic healing through intention, energy work, diet and reclaiming our sovereignty
– moving from stagnation to flow
– being with/in nature
– grieving, in all its mysterious and complex ways, and embracing rituals
– laughing, dancing and embodying my inner child (lots of laughter happens in session)

***I focus on integration, not healing. There will always be scars and memories, but we have the power to rewrite “the narrative” by honoring the stories that are held in our bodies, which, at times, are in direct conflict with the stories we tell ourselves and others. My intention is to hold space for clients who wish to reclaim a sense of trust in, and within, their bodies. This is big, slow work and while healing may occur, there is no agenda or promise on my end to fix or cure someone or something. We are not broken lamps. We are human beings.***

Western Astrology placements: Scorpio Sun, Libra Rising, Aquarius Moon. 
Vedic/Sidereal: Libra Sun, Libra Rising, Capricorn Moon.
Human Design: Quad right; 5/1 Splenic Manifestor.
Gene Keys: Life’s Work: 44; Evolution: 24; Radiance: 7; Purpose: 13
Enneagram: 2 (The Helper)
Numerology Life path: 7 (The Seeker)

Sliding scale payments: $150-$300 per session (rate is negotiable and based on your individual circumstances). Most sessions are 1- 1 1/2 hours in length.