My Story

Rocksteady Life is the result of nine years as a stay-at-home parent. I should pause here to mention that I’m incredibly grateful that I was able to stay home, and understand that it’s not a decision that many other people have the luxury of making. That being said, before having children, I never anticipated staying home with one child, let alone two. It just happened. As I lived through those nine years, I rarely regretted my decision to stay home. Life kept throwing different situations my way and staying at home allowed me to give my children what they needed, without completely burning myself out. I have the utmost respect and empathy for the parents out there who are trying to juggle work and home life. I’m right there with you as I try to balance my business and personal life in this year-long pandemic.

I know that I don’t have to tell other parents that being a parent is the hardest job you’ll ever have, but it’s true. It has been a very intense chapter in my life and I’ve personally struggled to keep my own balance. Along the way, though, I’ve connected with amazing therapists and holistic workers who have empowered me to help my children, and myself, with our various needs.

Right before having children, I earned a Master’s Degree in Publishing and Print Culture, with an emphasis on Mexican Social Movements. I used school as a way to travel around the world and experience different cultures, which led to learning about Holistic Medicine. I lived with an amazing woman in Mexico, who taught me how to identify plants, use essential oils and create salves. She sparked my curiosity in natural medicine and as a result, finding alternative cures for common ailments has become my passion. If I don’t know about a disease or condition, I will try to find the answer. My researching instinct is driven by my love of books and knowledge; plus, it’s incredibly empowering to find supplements and lifestyle changes that actually work.

As a result of my motivation, I have immersed myself in topics like Neuroscience, Somatics and body-based healing in order to investigate how it relates to, and helps relieve symptoms of, Sensory Processing Disorder, anxiety and depression. I’ve also researched and added dietary supplements to help my family members cope with migraines, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and common illnesses. Over the past two years, I have integrated bodywork such as Reiki and CranioSacral therapy, as well as Somatic-based therapies into my practice, which has allowed me to work on grief, loss and body-based memory patterns. More recently, I have become an INELDA-trained End of Life Doula and hope to work more with families facing end-of-life. As someone who identifies as genderfluid/nonbinary, I feel that it is important to understand the influences of society and family dynamics on collective healing and personal transformation (these influences include, but are not limited to, capitalism, patriarchy/toxic masculinity, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, historical trauma, racial trauma and gender identity).

In my spare time, I garden as much as possible and believe that many things can be solved by simply disconnecting from media and going outside. I also love to cook and bake, and pre-pandemic I loved to see live music and travel. My goal is to pass on my knowledge to other families seeking support and empower them to help their children and themselves. 

Some current areas of interest for me:
∞ dismantling internalized systems of oppression
∞ using time travel to explore patterns of behavior and unconscious habits
∞ investigating the ways in which our energy bodies are informed by our surroundings
∞ shapeshifting our internal monologue
∞ noticing energies around us and defining what is “ours and what is “not ours”
∞ (re)connecting with healthy boundaries
∞ understanding that energy signatures change
∞ creating new possibilities of self by pulling at the threads of our storylines
∞ bridging the physical with the metaphysical/spiritual
∞ inviting ancestral support to integrate intergenerational wounds
∞ leaning into webs of collective support
∞ rediscovering our identities/seed selves as a path to autonomy
∞ incorporating cellular energetic healing through intention, energy work, diet and reclaiming our sovereignty

***I focus on integration, not healing. There will always be scars and memories, but we have the power to rewrite “the narrative” by honoring the stories that are held in our bodies, which, at times, are in direct conflict with the stories we tell ourselves and others. My hope is that I can hold space for clients to reclaim a sense of trust in, and within, their bodies.***