“Sally is a caring soul and a talented healer. I have done both Reiki and Somatic Experiencing with them. They are very intuitive, mixing humor and lightheartedness with deep, calm empathy. They helped me to find and articulate emotional and physical issues that I hadn’t been fully aware of, and made me feel safe and nurtured as I worked through those issues. Even though we were at a distance, I could feel something taking place. It was so relaxing, and I felt better afterwards. I would highly recommend A Rocksteady Life!”

“Sally has been an important part of my healing process from trauma and post-partum illness. They always take their time checking-in with me, getting a sense of my needs that session. I always leave each reiki and cranial session feeling more grounded. I highly recommend a Rocksteady Life to anyone looking for a holistic healing provider!”

“Sally is so wise and helpful! I have grown rapidly in my integration and ascension since working with them. I am deeply thankful to have found them and highly recommend them to anyone who is ready to do hard, nourishing work. I’m also really thankful for the ways in which Sally navigates within and without capitalism; I have really appreciated how time and financially fluid Sally is. That has been something that has felt really supportive and inspiring to experience. For me, the ways in which Sally blends holistic health, politics, and intellect have been exactly what I needed/need to help me in my journey. Sally definitely isn’t for everyone, and that is ok. And they will tell you that too. But if you’re somebody who cares about the collective, wants to understand and love your body, is into spirituality, wants to embrace magic, and/or wants to put in work to rewrite unconscious patterns, then Sally could be a great fit with you.” 

“Sally/Sal has an amazing ability to bring awareness into your life and ground you when life feels overwhelming. Their calm and personal approach makes you feel special – inside and out. This translates well through Zoom, social media platforms and in-person sessions. What a gem of a human being, creative and healer!”

“It is not often you meet a person that has such a passion and natural feel for helping children, parents and in fact everyone along the path of life. Sally is that person. Both of our children have seen Sally for a wide range of issues and they have all been met with care and a path forward. Truly a wonderful experience to interact with them.”

“My time with Sally has been characterized not only by joy and a deep sense of understanding, but by my own spiritual and mental progress. Even if I don’t always notice how I am improving within myself, my biweekly work with Sally always reassures me and creates a comfortable safe space for me to understand my emotions. It is difficult to describe in words how amazing Sally is in their work and inner wisdom. I do guarantee that you will learn something new within minutes of your first session! I highly recommend them to anyone at any stage in their inner journey!”

“Sally has been an amazing support & game changer in my therapy. Their knowledge and skills help create a full spectrum therapy. If you are looking for a holistic approach to trauma healing, recovery & healing I highly suggest Rocksteady!!!”

“Every now and again you find a person with a passion for helping others; Sally is one of them. Having made 5 relocations in the past 5 years and being a mommy to an exceptionally smart and boundlessly energetic boy with anxiety and Sensory Processing Disorder it has been a long while since I’ve truly felt grounded. With a warm spirit and keen intuition Sally really listens, evaluates, and picks up on vital ways in which they can assist you achieve well being and balance. They are a thoughtful and thorough guide and have provided me with information on a wide range of topics; each of them collectively helping me to feel more caught up, organized, and relaxed. With a mix of art therapy, reiki, parenting guidance, nutritional advice, and sincere encouragement I’ve left their office feeling calm, energetic, strong, and clear minded. I am truly grateful for their services and am certain that our paths were meant to cross.”

“My 12 year old daughter and myself have received care and healing from Rocksteady Life. I highly suggest all Sally has to offer and online appointments are very helpful as well!” 

“This was my first ever experience with Reiki. It’s hard to describe what I felt, but Sally made me feel very comfortable, and I found the session to be relaxing and felt a release of emotion immediately afterwards. I feel I could definitely benefit from continual care from Sally. I think they are an intentional healer. Intuitive, calming, encouraging, and it’s obvious they care.”

“Six months after my husband passed, I met Sally. Now, almost five years later, they are the grounding rod to my compass. Standing beside me as I live my journey, in the truest and fullest sense of the word ‘live’.”